Virtual Gastric Band Weightloss Program

weight loss

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? 

Have you tried every possible pill, diet and exercise equipment to get rid of those extra pounds, but nothing has worked?  

Do you feel panicked about feeling unhealthy and embarrassed about your body, and fighting to keep the weigh off?  

Imagine being able to move your body with ease, being more active with your family, and feeling much more confident in your new, slim body.  

Feeling amazing and achieving this without feeling like you are dieting.

 The Virtual Gastric Band- The Revolutionary Weight Loss Program!

Imagine you- losing weight and keeping it off, being healthier than you have ever been- mentally, physically and emotionally- feeling amazing and achieving all of this without ever feeling like you are on a diet?

band Yes, this is all possible with the Virtual Gastric Band.  It is a psychological procedure that convinces the unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted in your stomach the size of a golf ball, so you are full after a few small bites.  Virtual Gastric Band is a safe, non-surgical technique, which uses hypnosis to bring a permanent change in your eating habits, and focus on the person you want to be.  This is not a short-term fix, and this becomes a natural way of eating, and changes the way you think about food, you start to choose the food you eat mindfully, consciously with awareness. 

Your new healthy thoughts will energize you and keep you on track, each day feeling stronger and more in control.  The best part is that there is no deprivation, and because the change is in your brain, we are literally training the brain to believe and feel there is a band around the stomach the size of a golf ball!   The gastric band will restrict your stomach to make you feel full so you cannot eat large portions.  The best part is that you will feel completely satisfied.

This remarkable weight loss program was pioneered in England with a 95% success rate in two double blind, medically supervised studies, and it was proved to be positive for 24 of the 25 individuals, the group losing over 196 pounds in three weeks! 

By registering for the Permanent Gastric Band weight Loss program, I will be your guide for 21 days.  I can only describe what you are about to experience as magic. 

There are four hypnosis sessions.  You are safe at all times.  I provide you with custom CD’s and will privately coach you throughout the 21 days and provide you with tools to maintain your weight permanently.

                                                                                   NO RISK GUARANTEE:

By registering for The Gastric Band program, and taking charge of your life for yourself, your health, and your future, you are making a deep commitment to a huge transformation in your life.

It is natural to be apprehensive and nervous about taking this step towards this new way of life, and we at Hypnotherapy for Your health have found that the best way to support you on this journey in your desire to transform your life and break through the challenges of the past, is to offer no refunds after you register.  I am committed to you for your success, and I will work with you personally and give you tools you need to be successful.  I don’t give up on you.  We are a team and we work together until you reach your ideal weight.

The Virtual Gastric Band Programs

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