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Birthing As Nature Intended

Hypnobirthing in Seattle, Bainbridge Island & Nearby Areas

Birthing As Nature Intended (B.A.N.I.) is a complete childbirth education program focused on providing birthing support, high quality education, and is a childbirth method that combines many relaxation methods that you can use throughout your pregnancy and during the birth. Many of these methods fully intergrate the mind and body connection teaching women how to connect with their bodies and their babies. The class includes visualization and imagery techniques, meditations, stretches and breathing exercises that prepare the body for a relaxed,comfortable, peaceful birth.

Birth is something that should be looked forward to with excitement, not fear. When women let go of all the stories and expectations that have been repeated to them most of their lives, and start asking questions about their pregnancy and birth as to why, when and how, and after getting the answers to these questions, they neede to ask, "what are my options?

Today, women are taking responsibility for creating the kind of birth they want. They have options to have a say in what kind of medications to take, who they want in the room with them, and as long as there is no emergency, they are creating what they need to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready. With B.A.N.I., we prepare you to trust your natural instincts whether its a home birth, hospital birth or birthing centers.

We teach you how to:

* Develop a birth plan that caters to individual needs

* Enhance the birthing process by preparing the mind, body, spirit

* Remain calm and relaxed during the birth

* Learn to explore your own fears and concerns and how to conquer them

* Several different breathing exercises and techniques before, during and after birth

* Learn yoga stretches, to strenghten the body

* Visualisations and meditations to strenghten the mind

* Ask questions and to be prepared for the unexpected

* Mom and Dad connect and bond with their baby

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